Year 11 Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

We are nearing the end of your child’s education at New Charter Academy. As the examination season approaches, please read this letter to help answer some of the common questions that parents and students have at this time of year.

When does my child actually finish school?
Your child’s last day at school, is the day of their last exam and as such that date will vary depending on what exams each student takes. Your child is still on roll, up until the day of their last exam. All students are expected to attend school as normal, up until the day of their last exam. It has been proven that attending school and taking part in supervised study and revision lessons leads to better outcomes. The students who continue to come into school get the best results.

Will there be a celebration to mark the end of Year 11?
Yes, each year we organise a Leavers’ Assembly for the year group. This is a final farewell to the students. We select the date of this assembly carefully so that it does not interfere with exam dates. We want students switched on and in ‘exam focus’ right up to the end of their time with us. I must make clear that students who have failed to meet expectations around behaviour standards and the passport to prom will not be given access to the Leavers’ Assembly.Students must be in full uniform for the Leavers’ Assembly.
They can bring with them a shirt and some felt tip pens to do the traditional shirt signing.

What is happening with Prom?
From February half term, all students were given a clean slate and a chance to earn their place at the Prom. We issued a Passport to Prom to all students in Year 11, students have to fill in the ‘stamps’ on their Passport for attending revision sessions. The first 20 students to fill the Passport will be given
a free ticket to Prom. We are already delighted with the superb response to this initiative from the majority of students. We also introduced a ‘three strikes’ rule. A ‘strike’ would be issued for any contravention of the academy rules including punctuality and attendance.We advise that students do not purchase dresses and suits for the Prom until they have had their official invitation letter.

What is happening with hooded sweatshirts?
We have decided to use a company that allows online ordering. Details will be shared in the form of a separate letter after Easter. Anyone not able to complete the order on line can ask Mrs. Gilmore for help.

How much revision should my child be doing over Easter?
We recommend that your child is doing a minimum of three hours per day on school revision. We have provided students with revision guides, past papers
and they have access to SAM Learning, Doddle, the PiXL Maths APP, to name but a few online resources. Your child has been taught how to revise in 20 minute chunks of time, taking a 5-10 minute break and then also how to re-visit revision notes regularly to help things ‘stick’. When we return after Easter, there are just 5 school weeks until the first exam and now is the time to make gains with a good revision plan. Students can make a revision plan for free using the website

We are on the home straight now and your continued support is appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Johnston
Vice Principal