Letter to parents re: summer polo shirts

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17th April 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

At the start of the summer term I am pleased to say that there is now stock of GAA polo shirts in our uniform suppliers, Debonair – and it will shortly be available in MCS also. They are a practical grey with our colour trim and logo (design voted for by the students). Polo shirts for summer was one of the things they asked me for when I started here last summer and as they have been fantastic at following my instructions and working to help me improve our school for everybody I wanted to make sure they know that I do listen to them sometimes too!

Students can choose to wear the polo shirts instead of a shirt and tie from after the May Bank Holiday – 8th May – until the end of the summer term. I will make clear to them all next week that this is optional, not compulsory and they are not to put pressure on you to buy them if you would prefer not to. I will also make clear to them that the polo shirts are not for PE – they must wear their usual kit for PE lessons as normal. Finally, of course I will make sure they know that, if wearing a shirt, they must still wear a tie (ie, they can’t just decide to abandon the tie and wear a plain white shirt… their options are: shirt and tie OR polo shirt!).

All students should still wear their blazers – they will be given permission to remove them in very hot weather of course, but I would like them to maintain the high standards of professional appearance they have managed so far this year.


Can I also take this opportunity to remind all parents of students in Y11 that there is a comprehensive revision offer in place and we have linked reduced prom tickets to good attendance and conduct in these final few weeks, so do encourage them to give as much time as they can in these final few weeks. As a year group, Y11 have been exceptional in leading our student body this year – it is now time for them to fulfil their potential and gain fantastic results, so do start a regime of revision with them at home if you haven’t already. Many teenagers find it difficult to have the self-discipline to manage this for themselves and they need parents to step in and nag them/support them to make the most of their time.

As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need any advice.

Best wishes

Mrs Langley