Tired Teenagers Obsessed with Sleep

According to a recent ‘Teen Sleep’ survey teenagers have a hard time sleeping when they go on their phones before going to sleep.

By Alex and Iman. (Year 8 students at Great Academy Ashton)

Teenagers need to sleep but many underestimate the consequences of sleeping too much. In a recent survey many teenagers said that they go to bed and then go onto their phones for thirty minutes, they said this made them have a rough night’s sleep.

“Last night I fell asleep at about half past 10 and I put the lights out to go to bed at 10 o’clock, but I was on my phone for about half an hour – and it affected my sleep,” said Amy Rose from Northumberland.

“Last night I didn’t get to sleep until about half 11 and then in the morning I didn’t wake up till eight o’clock which is really late, so I had to get ready in the car on the way to school,” added Christina, 14 from Northumberland.

Teenagers said that if they go to bed early and don’t go onto their phones they wouldn’t learn new things because they would be tired from the night before. It helps them focus in lessons and not get into trouble from teachers. Students, who are currently taking their GCSE’s, stated that sleep is very important to them because it helps them concentrate in exams.