Taking Over Technology

Is technology something we really need?

By Amber and Yesirat

In the modern age our lives are centred on technology. Technology has taken over our lives but is it good for us?

Some argue that technology has made our lives easier by making things more efficient and easier to use. From the rise of automated cars to 3D printers we have been obsessed with finding newer, more effective ways to live our everyday lives.

Others say that technology has a negative influence on today’s society. As our generation has especially become infatuated by the nature of social media, people insult and offend others, which may lead to hurt and disruption in everyday life.

Technology has advanced over the years from the flip phone to the touch screen mobile. The touch screen phone has greatly advanced our society as we can now access most things we can on a computer on a mobile and complete thing that would have otherwise taken longer.

If used in moderation technology can aid humanity but in the same way it could be our bane.