Rhino Poaching Still Continues

By Jay and Anand

In Africa and Asia Rhino poaching has been on the increase dramatically over the past six years.

It is claimed that poachers take rhinos horns because they are worth £40,500 per kilo (more than gold) and are wrongfully believed to have remedial properties. Poachers take off the horns by sawing and drilling around the Rhino.

The minimum amounts (1,338) of the Rhinos were killed for their horns in Africa in 2015. This is the largest amount killed in a single year since a giant wave of killing Rhinos began since 2008, as many as 5,940 rhinos have been killed although experts worry that could be a miscalculation. The findings were compiled by scientists from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The deaths come although a drive to fight poaching gangs by toughening patrols, putting satellite technology and boosting intelligence-gathering. The IUCN blames continuing requirement from South East Asia, Mr Bruce said that every new technological advance designed to help the conservation effort – including drones, radios and intelligence-gathering – is matched by the poachers.

Wildlife crime is the fourth largest global illegal offence, according to WWF, after drugs, poaching, and human trafficking. Rhino horns are more valuable by weight than gold or diamonds and many other goods. Poaching is restricted to South Africa, home to the highest amount of the world’s population of rhinos.