Reading is Important

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An Open Book On Reading
Reading is fun but why is it so important?

By Amber and Katie, Year 8

Recently we had world book day and around the country many people dressed up as their favourite book characters. Across the globe people were involved in many activities but were left with a question. Why is reading so important?

“World Book Day was to encourage more people to read”

Reading is usually considered a hobby. Some people enjoy reading, whilst other people loathe it. Many young children are encouraged to read as it stimulates their brain and helps them increase their vocabulary. Children’s books are usually more bright and colourful and they contain more illustrations than the ones you might find on your parents bookshelves.

Mrs Robinshaw, an English teacher at Great Academy Ashton, says, “World Book Day was to encourage more people to read as many people do not like to read anymore because of technology.” She also said that “reading improves understanding and broadens your vocabulary.”

Although you may not know it but whilst you are reading your favourite book not only are you entertaining yourself but you are developing other skills. While you are reading a novel you are also improving you are also improving your concentration skills as you are sat for long periods of time reading. You may also develop a better memory as you have to remember things from earlier in the book or, if you are reading a book series, you will need to remember things from previous books.

When you read bit of information from a book you will remember and use it for future references. For example reading a science novel will help you with your science skills. When reading a murder mystery book you often find yourself feeling as though you are the detective trying to figure out the mystery. This is because the use of vocabulary entices you into the book, feeling as though you are in it. These skills are useful in everyday life, for example, police, detectives and doctors.

You may not know it but reading plays a big part in your health. According to the NHS, reading books on self-help can help people suffering from mood disorders and mild mental illnesses.