Principal letter – Branding

Dear Parent/Carer,

21st June 2017
You may be aware by now that New Charter Academy comes under the management of Great Academies Education Trust.

While New Charter Housing is a sponsor, our management systems are those of GAET, and as such it is time to reflect that in our name, logo and branding.Equally, I must stress
that in the few weeks I have been here I have met many exceptional students that our Ashton community should be very proud of and I would like to now facilitate the celebration of this community by building an academy for, and of, this community.

Therefore,from September we will be known as Great Academy Ashton, incorporating both our management arrangements and our local area, as well as our core belief –that our students are Genuine, Respectful, Excellent and Achieve Together.

This will require some changes of course – and one of those is the uniform. Please don’t buy any uniform renewals just yet. We are going to put some decisions about the logo itself, tie colour/s and skirt designs – as well as possibilities for a summer uniform –
to the students themselves, whom I trust to be professional in the way they approach this, as they have been with much that I have asked of them so far. As soon as they have made those decisions, I will make arrangements to ensure uniform supply is secured in time.

I would like to ask those of you who can afford the purchase to support us by doing so, when the time comes – but equally, I realise this may be an additional expense for some and I am committed to supporting you if the cost of replacing uniform they have not yet outgrown is too high for you during what are difficult times
financially. When the uniform is ready I will give you information on how to request support.

For students joining us in Y7, if you have already bought uniform, please keep it safe and when the new uniform is ready you will be able to swap it in school. If you have not yet bought it – please hold on.

I want to conclude by saying that the change in name does not mean any change to our responsibilities to improve our practice; we will be monitored by the DfE and Ofsted in exactly the same way. Nor is the re-brand linked to the inspection outcome. It could be an opportunity though for all our students to take a renewed sense of pride in themselves and their community. Some of this is our responsibility to create for them – and some of it is theirs also to create for themselves; everything I have seen of them so far tells me they deserve our effort now to generate a more professional appearance and reputation and I will do everything I can to achieve this for them.

Yours faithfully
Mrs J Langley