Penguin pops in BBC

Loyal penguin swims 5000 miles each year, to be reunited with his saviour.

By Amber and Yesirat

A South American penguin travelled 5000 miles from Rio Grande to Rio de Janario to the same beach each year to be reunited with the same man who rescued him back in 2011.

Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, an elderly fisherman and retired bricklayer lives on an island village near Rio de Jenario, Brazil, where he found a penguin covered in oil close to death, lying on the rocks by the local beach. Never did he think that saving one penguin could lead to a budding friendship.

When Joao found the young penguin he was so distraught and in need of a lot of help. When he rescued him he cleaned off all the oil that he was covered in, fed him a healthy diet daily and he recovered enough strength to swim again. When they became great pals, he named him, Dindim.

It was speculated that Joao thought the little penguin would not return however Dindim has been returning to visit him for years. Arriving in June to leave eight months later in February the time they spent together is cherished by both Joao and his pal.

“I love the penguin like it’s my own child and I believe the penguin loves me.” Joao stated.

Millions of species is listed as near-threatened owing to oil spills which kill more than 40,000 a year of the coast of Argentina alone. The flightless birds, which live for about 25 years, are known for their loyalty and mate for life. Experts believe Dindim goes to breed of the coast of Argentina and Chile before making the 5,000 mile round trip trek back to Mr de Souza. A recent video, available on youtube has captured the pairs love for one another showing the penguin behaving just like any other affectionate pet. Dindim is seen nuzzling up to the 71-year-old and playfully pecking his neck.

You can watch the video here: Patagonian Penguin Finds Second Home in Brazil