Parent Letter from New Principal

Dear Parent/Carer,

13th April 2017

I would like to introduce myself ahead of the new term at New Charter Academy, where I know you are aware there have been some changes in recent weeks.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time in the academy before the holidays and have seen and talked to some highly intelligent students with great ambition for themselves and for their academy; it is a privilege to be joining them and their families and wider communities. It is clear that there is much to celebrate
in this area and much to do if we are to create an academy you can all be proud of; one that has high expectations of our students in every respect – academically, socially and locally. Equally there is much to do to ensure we improve the delivery of our provision and in this I will need your help.

When we return after the holidays I will see all students and make clear my expectations of them as well as my promise of what they can expect from me and the staff going forward. To help us start strongly and without any baggage from last term, I have asked the leadership team to give students a fresh start from Tuesday 18th
April. This means that, unless they are returning from an external exclusion, no student will return to an internal exclusion in A2E on 18th. This is because I would like to meet them all and measure their conduct for myself before applying sanctions – so they all have the chance to come back and start the term on a positive note, attending all lessons and presenting themselves at their best.

This does mean I ask for your support in making sure every child has the chance to create a positive first impression. Please make sure that students arrive on time in the morning, in full uniform and equipped for the school day, with a positive attitude to learning. I have enclosed a leaflet explaining why we have the rules we do to help you in talking to the students about this at home and if any of you would like to talk to me about the reasons behind the expectations in place, please get in touch to book an

Finally, I would like to say that I have seen information on the many students we have at New Charter who conduct themselves well every day; the vast majority have no recorded P – points at all or fewer than two P – points in total, meaning fewer than two mistakes all year. That is an exceptionally well behaved group of students and to them my message is one of congratulations. It is our job now to make sure everyone lives up to those standards and to make sure that all students have the chance to learn well, achieve well and enjoy coming to school without being disturbed or seeing their teachers’ attentions diverted by poor conduct.

In particular, I would like to say to all parents of students in Y11 that this next half term is one where we will all place them at the centre of our community; they will not be disrupted by other students and they will have all the efforts of all our staff to make sure they succeed during this exams season. This term is crucial for them and I ask all parents to support us in providing the best environment for them at this
time. New Charter needs to be a school where all students are happy, successful, ambitious and professional in their conduct and work, and it will take all of us to get there but we can provide this for our young people, with your help.
I am looking forward to meeting all New Charter students on Tuesday 18th, for a new term, and a new start. Thank you for your support of the academy so far, and all the support I know you will give to us and the students this summer.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs J Langley