Parent Letter Corrections and Rewards

Dear Parent/Carer,

Building an improving school culture at New Charter Academy

In September, we introduced a simple, consistent and effective approach to how all form time and lessons began so that more time was focussed on learning. I now believe it is time to simplify our existing behaviour management system so that it is easier for every young person to succeed every day and support our school culture.

The 4 Ps (Prepared, Punctual, Participate and Polite) describe what students will do each day to be successful. GREAT rewards celebrate our GREAT students using meaningful rewards chosen by the students in that year group.
On the 4th January 2017 the 4 Ps and GREAT rewards points will launch and be used by all teachers with all Year 7 – 11 students. Students should arrive to school by 8.20am so that they can be seated in form time by 8.30am. Any student not seated in form by this time will be issued a P Point correction for not being punctual.

After feedback from students, staff and parents, lunchtime detentions will be replaced by 30 minute corrections that will take place on the same day as they were issued from 2.45 – 3.15pm. Only P Point corrections issued during lesson 5 will be carried over to the following day. If your child receives a P Point correction, you will be
notified by text message by 1.45pm. If you have changed your mobile phone number recently, please share the new number with us by sending a text message to our School comms service:
0161 850 9053

Or email Please state your name and your child’s full name and form.

The correction provides students the opportunity to think about what the 4 Ps mean, what went wrong to be issued a P Point correction, what they can do to avoid future corrections and to apologise in writing for what they got wrong.

GREAT rewards have been developed in response to student feedback and requests for a more individual rewards system. Student council representatives from each form and year group are now working with our Student Engagement Officer, Miss Taylor, to ensure students in different year groups are able to choose rewards that interest and inspire them to be GREAT.

Information is included on the 4 Ps and the GREAT rewards in the pages overleaf and will be available on our website before January. In addition, we will be holding several parent drop in sessions on Thursday 15th December at 3.30pm and 5pm to enable you to ask questions about the 4 Ps or GREAT rewards system.
Attendance is optional, however if you are unable to attend one of these session and do have questions, please email the questions to so we can respond directly to you.

I once again thank you for your continued support in ensuring that every child at New Charter Academy is able to learn, grow and achieve more than they thought possible.

Yours sincerely,

David Shaw


The 4 Ps Explained


  • School bag
  • Pencil case
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Journal
  • Reading book

  • Blazer sleeves down
  • Shirt tucked in
  • School shoes on
  • 1 pair of plain gold/silver earrings in
    the lobe
  • Watch (if worn)
  • Year 9

    11 light foundation and
  • Tie knot meets the collar
  • Collar buttoned up
  • School crest is seen below the tie
  • I wil
    l arrive to school on time by 8.20am
  • I will arrive to lessons on time
  • I will treat all members of the school community with respect at all
  • I will accept the instructions of adults without question
  • I will complete all work to the best of my ability
  • I will ask questions
  • I will answer questions
  • I will make the correct choice about my behaviour at all times
  • I will refocus myself and my efforts without delay or accept a


P Point Correction Flow Chart

GREAT Rewards – Recognising GREAT Students

GREAT points recognise students who support the academy ethos by living up to our values every day.
Teachers will award students GREAT points based on how well they display the qualities listed below.
Value 1
A student who is GENUINE displays the following qualities;

  • Honesty
  • Resilience
  • Sets high standards for themselves
  • Doesn’t seek attention
  • Always does the right thing
Value 2
A student who has RESPECT displays the following qualities;

  • Politeness

  • E
    xcellent manners
  • Accepts differences, never judges or discriminates
  • Puts litter in the bin
  • Takes care of classrooms, resources and wider school building
Value 3
A student who is EXCELLENT displays the following qualities;

  • Consistently partici
    pates well in lessons
  • Consistently well behaved and self disciplined
  • Consistently shows 10/10 in Strong Start
  • Achieves above their target grade
  • Accepts criticism and feedback for improvement
  • Asks intelligent questions and contributes well to discussion
Value 4
A student who ACHIEVES displays the following qualities;

  • Gives 100% effort
  • Completes all of their EBI’s and MAD time
  • Completes their homework
  • Attends additional study support, clubs or enrichment
  • Achieves their target grade
Value 5
A student who values TOGETHER understands that ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ (TEAM)
and displays the following qualities;

  • Always punctual
  • Helps other students, staff or visitors
  • Works well with other people
  • Volunteers their time and participation/attends enrichments
  • Shows passion for their learning, subject, activities etc…
  • Wants to build positive relationships with peers and staff