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Important letter to Parent/Carers 29th May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunny weather this half term and have had some time to rest. I am writing to let you know that, in line with government guidance, GAA is preparing to open to Y10 students, in small groups from 15th June if it is safe to do so; we will be in touch with you next week to lay out the arrangements for this and the measures we will be taking to ensure the process is sensible and as safe as possible. It will start with an induction session in that first week, with contact for 1 day per week for each Y10 student after that. As I have said before, you will not be placed under pressure to send them in if you choose not to – but we will work with you to make sure we can get the best support in place for your child. The offer for our current cohort of Vulnerable Children and the children of Key Workers will continue as it has done so far.

All year groups also have new home working packs to collect from next week – we will be in touch with you about this too. We know that the students will have completed different amounts of work so far – if you have stored this somewhere we are going to arrange drop off times and spots so this work can be handed in for teachers to look at – look out for the details of this. We have also formed a staff team to start setting up a new online learning hub for all work, including resources, videos and some recorded lessons / schemes of work delivered by our teachers, so we can begin to provide a more comprehensive offer given that it appears there could well be a combination of home and on-site learning for some time; please don’t worry about it now – we are not asking you to do anything different just yet. The priority remains students’ routines and wellbeing and some engagement with school work wherever possible.

Finally, from me this time, it is with real sadness that I need to tell you I will be leaving GAA at the end of the autumn term to take up a new position as a Headteacher in Rochdale. It has been extraordinarily difficult to reconcile myself to leaving GAA, having been lucky to be part of the school improvement journey we have all been on together over the last three years. However, I believe all improvement comes in phases and a new Principal will be able to build on all our work so far to take the school and the students on to new heights. The Trust has plans in place to begin recruitment for a new Principal very quickly – and I will be here until then, as always, whenever you need me, as are the staff who have been working so hard during these last unusual weeks. You have been a strong and supportive parent community to work with and I will always be grateful for your loyalty to this community and your ongoing ambition for your children to be the best they can be. One thing I must ask of you, given that I cannot see all the students myself at this time, is to tell them from me that I will miss them greatly. They have been a joy and an inspiration every day that I have been here – from telling Ofsted Inspectors exactly how to do their job (and they were right!) to leading this community through some tough times – there is no greater group of young people anywhere and it is they who will make sure that Tameside is a place of innovation, progression and development in the future. I have been so privileged to work with them – and to work with them still until it is time for me to move on.  I will always be very proud of all of them and I will make sure they know that in the coming weeks and months.

I will be in touch next week to lay out the next steps in our ongoing “blended” home / school planning – but for now, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, enjoy the release of some of the lockdown measures with family, but please, as always, stay safe and home when you can,

With very best wishes,

Mrs Langley


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Covid 19 Questionnaire for key workers

Dear Parent/Carer,

In light of the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, Government guidelines state that from Monday 23rd March 2020, if it is at all possible for children to be at home then they should be.

A list of key workers as defined by the Government are detailed here:

  • National Health Service
  • Armed forces
  • Teachers and childcare staff
  • Care home workers
  • Social workers
  • Police officers, community support, civilian staff
  • Prison officer or other probation staff
  • Firefighters
  • Local authority planners
  • Environmental health officers
  • Highway Agency traffic officers

You may be asked to provide evidence of your Key Worker status such as a recent payslip or bank statement.

May we also remind you that if you or any member of your household develops symptoms associated with the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) disease, then you should all self-isolate for 14-days. Please refer to the Government guidelines, the most up-to-date of which can be found on the Government website (

With our very best wishes,
Mrs J Langley




An Invitation to meet

Baroness Sue Campbell,

Director of Women’s Football

For details click on the link below 

An invitation to meet Baroness Sue Campbell Director of Women’s Football at the FA -Monday 18th May 3pm

This is the link for the parental permission form



Week 1 23rd March Students taking part in Community Week in school 

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Year 9 Options Information:

  • Options booklet 2020

  • Media slides for Y9 options

  • Film Studies information go to –

  • Student login for Options online March 2020 –

  • ‘If you have any problems logging into Sims ID for options online or need help or advice about your child’s options then please contact school on Tuesday 31st March and ask to book a telephone consultation with Mrs Holroyd’

  • The deadline for completing the online options selection is Friday 3rd April 2020




  • FAO all parents: TMBC has launched a dedicated helpline 0161 342 8355 for anyone that is struggling or needs help and advice during this time.
  • Please don’t get drawn into giving your bank details to anyone claiming via email, text or social media that they can get you FSM vouchers; there are several scams going around. If and when this system is secure we will contact you. In the meantime, we are offering support direct from school with food packages for those entitled to FSM.
  • Thank you for all you are doing to keep things going at home for our students and to respect the current instructions. If you are educating at home at this time we are sending you some tips and some timetabling templates to help give some structure. You can also follow the children’s existing timetables if that helps and where there is a subject that you might not have the right resources for or can’t easily cover (eg technology or maybe drama?) get them researching “careers related to technology/drama/textiles” etc instead!
    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs Langley

Home Education and Timetabling Tips

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Messages for Young People re Emotional Wellbeing with COVID19 2020 03 30



The SEND Pupil Support Service is now offering a Parent Helpline. The service is for the parents/carers of children with EHCPs, currently not in school. The service will offer support and guidance to parents who have SEND children at home, and who are currently struggling to support, engage and/or manage their SEND needs. The SEND team may be able to suggest strategies to help parents and carers to engage their child with work set by school. The helpline will be available to parents from Monday 30th March 2020, and will operate between the hours of 9am-1pm.

Helpline details as follows: Monday – Friday:
9am to 11am: 0161-3438381        11am to 1pm: 07971132375