Homelessness Report

By Ellie, Megan, Josh and Matthew

Number of rough sleepers in England rises at unpredictable rate.

The figure for homelessness in the United Kingdom has seen an increase by 30% in the last three years since the conservative party was elected, meaning that there are now approximately 3,600 homeless people sleeping on the streets each night.

Homelessness is a serious condition where people are unable to acquire a regular and secure home and are sometimes left without food, shelter and essentials. Ashton-under-Lyne MP, Angela Rayner, confirmed that domestic abuse between couples can be one of the most known causes to sleeping rough along with alcohol and drug addictions, ex – offenders and mental health problems.

She said that during the last year independent charities have worked with over 2,000 individuals and made their lives better. In Tameside it has been recorded that there are 250 cases of homelessness in Tameside. Back in 2014 the council conducted a survey and discovered that around 144 people were sleeping rough on the streets with no help, and were more shocked when they discovered that there were a number of 16-17 year olds. Everybody is becoming homeless every second from youths to elderly, homelessness effects all.

Recently, Great Academy Ashton, In Ashton-under-Lyne raised nearly £400 for homeless people in local areas – Tameside and Manchester. This was part of the Citizenship GCSE led by Mr Anthony Jacques, two of the year eleven pupils, Ikra and James told us:

“Our top goal was to raise as much money as we could and to teach awareness of homelessness as it is a national problem and it was a success”.

They raised the large amount by holding a disco, selling drinks and food. With the money they plan to buy essentials like sleeping bags, food, clothing and some shelter and deliver them to the people.

“We decided to do a disco to raise money as it was a quick and efficient way of getting money fast.”