Expectations- April 2017


Why uniform?
The NCA uniform is worn to show each other and the wider community that we are professional and smart; it reflects our conduct and mind set. Blazers should be smart, ties worn well with the logo visible below the knot and shirts tucked in. Skirts should be of professional length (not too short) and footwear should be suitable for an office environment (no trainers). Please check the student planner for all the details on keeping a professional appearance at New Charter.

GREAT students
Great students know that mobile phones can be a distraction –they are not allowed because they are too often used for the wrong reasons. If you need a phone for after school, keep it in your bag, turned off; if it is seen it will be confiscated. Great students know that fizzy or sugary drinks shorten concentration spans and detract from good learning; don’t bring them into school or you might have them taken off you.
Great students know that rules are there so that there is a shared standard we all adhere to and so that learning is our priority at all times.

Students should attend the academy in the right frame of mind, and this is easily remembered using the 4 Ps:

Bring a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser, a friendly and positive attitude and a willingnes to learn

Arrive on time in the morning and stay on time between lessons and after break and lunchtime.

Smile, say hello or good morning/afternoon, use good manners and take responsibility if you have made a mistake –“sorry” goes a very long way.

Remember your lessons are for you, even the ones you like a bit less… Take part, answer (and ask) questions, and be a positive member of our community.

If you make a mistake, or miss one of the 4Ps, start with an apology –and if there is a correction,do it first time and show you know how to take
responsibility for your mistakes.

New Charter students are Genuine, Respectful, Excellent and Achieve Together…