Engagement & Volunteering

The Academy believes in linking our students with our local community, giving our parents and the local community every opportunity to access our services, facilities and Get Involved.

We have been involved in a number of projects with our sponsors GAA Housing Trust and other partners including the Bridgewater Hall, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester United Foundation, Barclays and Tameside Business Cluster.


The academy is looking for volunteers. Do you know someone who is willing to give their time? A business who wants to offer staff as mentors, or a support project?

You can volunteer in a number of ways with different types of activities at the Academy and give something back.

Community Events

If you would like to know more information about what is happening at the academy and which community events and activities are on, please contact our Community Team to be added to our distribution list, via email
If you have ideas of future projects or would like to get involved then get in touch with us at the academy via email