End of term letter July 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,
I write to thank you for your support of us this year. We have had some very difficult days and I remain proud of the way our students conduct themselves when times are hard. We have also had some fantastic days and the recent Celebration Evenings, where around 250 students have been recognised for their success were a pleasure to be part of.

There is much to update you on of course, as you might expect at this time of year.

Summer Building Works:

During this term some students have told me that occasionallythey are getting P-points for being late due to being in more than one classroom for the same subject, which causes confusionor because of having to move classrooms etc; this is in part because we don’t have enough teaching spaces and we are going to create some additional classrooms over the summer to help us as we continue our school improvement journey. We are also reviewing our curriculum model and creating a better range of provision for students with additional needs and this also means looking at the building itself, so we are not resting on our laurels over the summer period!

Great Academy Ashton:

As you all know, we are re-branding and I enclose our new logo (which will be printed on blazers and skirts), please see overleaf. As I said before –if you can afford to replace the uniform it would help us, as our budgets are tight these days –but we are also here to help if you know you are going to find it a struggle; please let us know if you think you will need some financial assistance. You will be able to purchase the new uniform from MCS, Debonair, and from us, from August 18th. Our usual website will be operational over the summer and new
information will be posted on there, or you can telephone us with any questions.Please note –if you already have a PE kit, you do not need to replace it yet, either kit will be fine for 2017-18. All students can also continue to wear plain black leggings/shorts for PE, to help keep the costs down.

End of Term:

We close to students at 1pm on 21st July. I have decided that this will be a normal school day, so uniform is still required; however, just in case they ask you about it, I have promised the students that we will re-consider introducing non-uniform days next year.


We are opening to Year 7 students only on September 6th 2017 at 8.30am; all other year groups will return on September 7that 8.30am. The reason for this is to give Year 7 students a full day in their new building by themselves to get to know the routines assmoothly as possible.

Please see overleaf for key dates and uniform information.

Finally, can I wish you all a fabulous summer holiday and thank you for the support you have given to the
academy and the students this term.

Yours faithfully
Mrs J Langley

Key Dates:

End of Term: Friday July 21stat 1pm
AS and A -Level results Day: August 17th
New uniform available from the academy: From August 18th(further details to follow)
GCSE Results Day: August 24th Academy will re-open to year 7 students only: September 6th at 8.30am
Academy will re-open to all years: September 7th at 8.30am

Great Academy Ashton Uniform:

Black blazer, with GAA logo, white shirt, black trousers and black professional footwear.
Tie (silver/black for Y7-9, silver/black & maroon for Y10/11).
Optional v-neck tank top or jumper in black with silver/maroon trim.

Black blazer, with GAA logo, white shirt, black trousers or GAA branded skirt (two designs
available) and black professional footwear.
Tie (silver/black for Y7-9,silver/black maroon for Y10/11).
Optional v-neck tank top or jumper in black with silver/maroon trim.

PE kit for Year 7–Maroon Top with GAA logo, black leggings, jogging trousers or shorts,
all other items optional.

PE kit for Year 8-11–Can use either the current PE top for one more ye
ar or replace with the new one.
There are no changes to other expectations, eg no trainers, all students must have a schoolbag etc.