Easter Fever

By Yesirat

As Easter draws near the rise of chocolate eggs takes over shops, from gold dusted confectionary to chocolate badgers everyone has a sinful desire, a hidden sweet tooth.

Easter celebrates the rebirth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many symbols related to new life and birth have been passed down and incorporated in to food and dessert style. The egg, showing birth, the chick, symbolises new life and the lamb represents purity. These sacred symbols have been brought into the 21st century by being made into edible delicacies, usually from chocolate.

Meanwhile the latest fad in chocolate dessert is using darker, more concentrated cocoa and the other is gold dusting to mimic the aesthetic pleasure and rarity of gold jewellery. Higher concentrations of chocolate contain less tampering and a richer taste, the bitterness of the chocolate is overcome by fruit and natural sugars of, for example, milk. Dusting sweets with gold powder has received mixed messages from audiences all over, as the product left is a foreign sight and unheard of. Though many of the upper class enjoy the gold and dine with the addition on occasion.

A recent survey conducted by found that 35% of those interviewed thought that dark chocolate to be healthier and sales of dark chocolate have grown 9% since 2009.