Religious Education

Welcome to Religious Education

To ensure that your son or daughter develop a deep and broad understanding of religious beliefs and traditions in the UK and our local community the RE curriculum at Great Academy Ashton has been developed in line with the Tameside Locally Agreed Syllabus.

Departmental Staff

  • Mrs L Leech 
  • Ms K Heavey 

Lesson contact time at KS3 is 1 hour per fortnight in year 7 and 1 hour per week in years 8 and 9. The topics followed are:

Year 7

Introduction to Religion – Looking at the basics of the six major world religions such as symbols, places of worship and practices

  • Judaism – An overview of the main teachings and celebrations
  • Buddhism – The main teachings and how to live a Buddhist Life

Year 8

  • Islam – The main beliefs and practices
  • Hinduism – The main beliefs and practices
  • Sikhism – The main beliefs and practices
  • Humanism – An alternative to religious belief.

Year 9

Edexcel Religious studies GCSE Spec B

  • Christianity and Living the Christian life
  • Marriage and the family according to Christianity.

Year 10

Edexcel Religious studies GCSE Spec B

  • Islam and Living the Muslim life
  • Peace and Conflict according to Islam

Year 11 – Edexcel legacy GCSE

  • Religion and community cohesion
  • Matters of Life and death.


If your child chooses to opt for RE as an option subject in Year 9 lesson contact time is 3 hours per week.

If your child does not choose RE as an option subject they will be taught RE  in a 7-10 week block of 1 hour per week. In these lessons your child will apply their understanding of religion developed at KS3 to consider topical issues such as religious views on war.

As an Option Subject

You do not have to be religious to study this course. You simply need to be interested in ethical questions, current issues and what others think. You need to be willing to think deeply about your own opinions, and the beliefs and responses of different religious people.


We follow the new Edexcel GCSE (9–1) in Religious Studies Specification B. 

Students will study two different religions- Christianity and Islam. Their understanding of each religion will be assessed through two separate 1 hour and 45 minute examination papers at the end of Year 11. 

The current Year 11 are studying the Edexcel: Unit 2 (Religion and Life: Christianity) and Unit 8 (Religion and Society: Christianity and Islam).