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Welcome to the curriculum page for Modern Foreign Languages. The curriculum is delivered by teachers using the language immersion model wherever possible, which means that most lessons are focused on practical communication skills. Lessons are delivered in specialist rooms, supported by interactive whiteboards and a range of websites to which we subscribe.  We hold celebrations in school to mark the European Day of Languages and we have regular outside speakers in lessons.


Year 7 The topics followed are: School, Where you Live and My Free time

Within the topic areas, students will gain an understanding of a range of grammar including the use of qualifiers adjectives, connectives, negatives, time phrases and tenses. They will also learn how to construct extended sentences and express opinions.

Year 8 – The topics followed are: Self, Family and Leisure time, Healthy lifestyles and Holidays

Year 9 -Helping at Home and Pocket Money, School and Daily Routine and Global and Social Issues

Year 10 The topics followed are: Technology in every-day life; Free time activities; Social issues; Me,my family and friends; Global issues; My studies and life at school/college; Travel and Tourism
Within the topic areas, students will study a wide range of grammar aspects as identified by the AQA examining board, as well as building up their exam techniques across the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Year 11 The topics followed are: Home, town, neighbourhood and region; Education post-16 and jobs; Career choices and ambitions; Customs and festivals in Spanish-speaking countries and communities; Exam skills, Revision and Exam Practice

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