Welcome To Dance at Key Stage 4

Year 10 – Lesson contact time is XX hours a fortnight
The topics followed are:
Critical Appreciation – 40%

  • Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
  • Critical appreciation of own work
  • Critical appreciation of professional works

Students will study all six works in the anthology in their entirety and be prepared to describe, analyse, interpret, evaluate and reflect on the works in response to short answer and extended writing questions.
The anthology contains the following professional set works:

Dance work Dance company Choreographer
Artificial Things Stopgap Dance Company Lucy Bennett
A Linha Curva Rambert Dance Company Itzik Galili
Infra The Royal Ballet Wayne McGregor
Shadows Phoenix Dance Theatre Christopher Bruce
Within Her Eyes James Cousins Company James Cousins
Emancipation of Expressionism Boy Blue Entertainment Kenrick H2O Sandy


Through exploration of the set works students will develop and apply the following knowledge, understanding and skills to their performance

  • Physical and attributes
  • Technical and expressive skills
  • Mental Skills
  • Safe working Practices


Year 11 – Lesson contact time is XX hours a fortnight

Performance – 30%
In conjunction with the teacher students will learn 4 set phrases set by AQA

  • Breath
  • Flux
  • Shift
  • Scoop

Student will learn to perform:

  • Two of the set phrases as a solo (one minute)
  • A piece influenced by the remaining two set phrases, as part of a duet/trio (three minutes in a dance which is a maximum of five minutes in duration)


Choreography – 30%
Students must learn how to respond creatively to an externally set stimulus, to choreograph their own complete dance. The dance created must be either:

  • a solo dance of a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of two and a half minutes


  • a group dance of a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of three and a half minutes for two to five dancers.


Equipment / Kit
PE Kit or all black clothes. Bobble/Clip to keep hair tied back.
In years 10 and 11 pupils follow the AQA course for Dance. This course is assessed by examinations only at the end of year 11. Component 1 is assessment of performance and choreography and is internally marked and externally moderated. Component 2 is an 1 hour and 30 minute written assessment which will assess students own practice in performance and choreography and the GCSE anthology.