Croydon the cat ripper killed over 60 cats over the past two years.

Amber was found without a head or tail. Picture courtesy of the BBC

Will he kill a human next?

By Jay and Anand

In most of the cases, the unknown killer has then given back the animals’ remains back to their owners’ street/area, placing them where they can be found easily — mostly the gardens of nearby houses or nearby open spaces. One of the cats was found on the first step of a house a few doors from its home, with the chest fully ripped open. Unsurprisingly, this calculated butchery — which usually happens at night and has resulted in the title given ‘Croydon Cat Killer’ or ‘Croydon the Cat Ripper’.

‘In the past week, we’ve had around seven cases,’ says Tony Jenkins of the charity South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), which has led the investigation into the deaths. ‘At the moment I have four bodies in my car on their way to post- mortem examinations.

‘In these cases, the cats have been cleanly cut up. The way that it has been done has led a vet working for our charity to think it is the same person responsible.’

Police are still investigating about the reason for the killings, cautioning frightened cat owners across all of South London — from Croydon, Dulwich, and Streatham, all the way west to Sutton and Richmond.

Oscar- found decapitated.

Amber- tail and were chopped off.

Missy- dumped near family home.

Loule & Uklyo- butchered.

A £5000 pound reward from animal right charity Peta is out there to anyone who gives information and leads to the arrest of the killer.