Covid-19 Information & Access to Supplementary Work for Home


All students will be receiving further home testing kits this week (w/c 26.4.21) . We need to understand the amount of Covid circulating in the (school) community.  We cannot get a clear picture of COVID-19 rates within the community if tests are not reported. This includes reporting negative test results, of which most tests are.  All students should share their result, whether void, positive or negative, with Test and Trace and their education setting to help with contact tracing. Reporting result helps the NHS monitor the spread of the virus, combat the virus and save lives. It also enables support to be given to communities across the UK.

Please report your child’s test result using the following link:


Home Test Kit Instruction Video

Watch a demonstration of what you will find in the home test kits and how to administer them correctly. Your kit may vary from the one shown in the video and may only contain 3 tests.

Our on-site COVID 19 tests for year 7 and Year 11 have now been completed and you will now need to carry out two tests a week on your son/daughter.  Your son/daughter will be bringing home two test kits today, each kit contains 3 tests.  This will give you enough tests for the last two weeks of this term and the first week back after easter.  Please follow the instructions carefully and if you have a positive test you must inform the school.


Letter to Parents & Carers 1.3.21

Pre-Opening Action Plan (Feb 2021)

RA1 – GAA Risk Assessment – Spring Term 2021 (March 2021)

RA2 – GAA Covid 19 Wider Reopening March 2021 Addendum V1

RA3 – Risk Assessment (LFD Testing RA) March 2021 V1

RA4 – Risk Assessment (Staff Home Testing) March 2021 V1


Message from Miss Lees – 3.11.20

English Power Point and video by myself explaining the Foundation Learning curriculum in more detail and you will find it in the Foundation Learning section.  A link to the video is: