Closure Works for Students


Parents and Carers:

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Key Stage 3:


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Year 9 GCSE Pod information



Key Stage 4


Year 10

Year 10 should now be joining their class groups in TEAMS. This is where their work will be hosted and they can receive guidance and feedback from their GCSE teacher.

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Year 11

Year 11 can contact us via the Yr 11 TEAMS group and this is also where we will host resources and useful activities. We are expecting Year 11 pupils to continue to log in regularly over the Summer term so that we can keep in touch and share urgent information. 

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Information & External Links 

GAA Twitter

We are using our twitter account to share key information, ideas for additional activities and useful links. Keep up to date by following us here:

Struggling with ICT, internet or printing?

All of our work packs are also available in paper form. Please telephone us at school to arrange a safe time to collect a pack for your child from school reception.

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc.

Your child has access to these programmes online, free of charge. Full details here

BBC Bitesize:

Bitesize is now offering daily lessons via the internet and also through your TV’s ‘red button’. This can be particularly useful if you have limited computer access at home. Use this service alongside your GAA workpack.

Oak National Academy (DFE) website:

Supported by the Department for Education, these are schemes of learning for daily lessons, please use if and when you run out of work or if your child is getting stuck and needs to try something else.