Closure of 6th Form

Dear Parent/Carer,

15th June 2017

I write to inform you that, following the closure of the consultation window, the VI Form provision at NCA will close. It is now my responsibility to ensure the appropriate education of those students in our current Y12 provision by liaising with all families about what their options are going forward. We can no longer guarantee the courses that are currently in place at NCA and that means all alternative avenues must be explored if we are to make sure the young people are secure.

If you are a parent of a student in Y12, please contact us to make an appointment with Mrs Langley or a member of the senior team to discuss the next steps. I am very aware that this is a time of anxiety – but I must stress that it can also be a time of opportunity if we can find the best route for each student.

If you are a parent of a Y11 who had planned to come here and is now looking for another college, please also get in touch and we will support you in securing study.

With my thanks for the honest and transparent way that everyone has engaged in the consultation – I am looking forward to meeting with you all in the coming weeks, and sorry it is in these circumstances.

Yours faithfully
Mrs J. Langley
Interim Principal